Saturday, July 01, 2006

chandrakala story

A Successful village women turns her life from AGRICULTURE FIELDS
TO COMPUTER FIELD (illeterate to computer litterate)

A Villlage level.. completely uneducated poor backward class women after her marriage who now turns as a computer savvy and settled as computer designer with great motivative success story in her life, which is inspiring so many illeterates in Andhra pradesh.

Smt.Chandra kala age 38, years now complete illeterate, began her primary education at the age of 28 years.With the help of her husband( an artist ) she learnt Telugu Reading and writing perfectly.Then she completed 7 th standard education in her kitchen. Then she learnt English reading and writing skills. After that she learnt drawing and Computer education.Now she can operate computer independently with Adobe Photoshop and Pagemaker softwares.She is fast in English and Telugu typing.

Now she is maintaining a DTP unit in Hyderabad named CHETANA GRAPHICS.In 2004 she appeared for BA Entrance test conducted by Dr Ambedkar Open University in Hyderabad. She passed with 50% marks and joined in Degree course.She took 10 years to reach here from illeterate to computer litterate.

Surprisingly Smt.Chandrakala wrote her 10 year education experience in a book “KALUPU THEESINA..COMPUTER CHEESINA’(cultivation to computeraisation) This success story was given proper exposure in Andhra pradesh Media print as well as electronic. Media praised and stated with this success story would be give inspiration.This book is submitted to Adult Education Department of Andhra prades for Text book status)

Chandrakala now living in Hyderabad city with her family(artist husband Shekar and children Nandu and Chetana)H.No.1-4-113,Bholakpur,Kavadiguda,Hyderabad.500 080 Andhra pradesh, India. Phone:040 27532811.e-mail:,

Smt Chandrakala success story gives inspiration to adults who are uneducated. She should be get recognisation for achievement and should expose in illeterates.


-Chandrakala halis from a poor uneducated innocent shepherd family.At the age of 16 she got maried (husband educated) She used to work in fileds and care taker of sheep and other cattle. After marriage also she continued in the agriculture work. At the age of 28 (when her husband got a small job) she started AKSHARABHYASA (learning Alphabates) learing primary education.As a house wife whenever she got the time she utilised it for learining.

First she learned Telugu alphabates and slowly reading and writing.Then she started primary level books.She used to read news papers. She learned a lot from Door Darshan Tele school programme
Later she learned English alphabates and reading skills. She used to spend on learing education nearly 7-8 hours for a day.

Husband is her Guru.He used to taught her well.He encouraged her in reading Rmayana Bharatha stories from epics.Smt chandrakala is very curious person towards education.she faced so many problems while learing from relatives and even from her husband. she overcame all the hurdles. She learned Drawing from Art Teacher and English even from her School going children.

At the age of 34 she started learing computer skills. Now she can operate computer independently she is wellversed in softwares like Adobe Photo Shop and Adobe pagemaker. Now she is running her own DTP unit in Hyderabad. Andhr pradesh print and electronic media appraised her efforts towards litterature.

She wrote a book with her experiences ‘KALUPU THEESINA ..COMPUTER CHEESINA.

This book got good response and good reviews.The whole media and educationists welcomed chandrakala’s efforts and blessed her.The book was submitted to Andhra pradesh Adult Education Department to keep as Text book. The book was inaugurated by a illeterate women on International womens day. Chandrakala felicitated by several organisations in Andhra pradesh.She got the award “VISHISHTA MAHILA” by a organisation. Tv channels interviewed her and presented good news stories. Chandrakala now at 38, continuing her efforts towards education and her computer skills.

-In this blogger we can read her book page by page which gives insipiration.send this link to your friends near and dear.